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Credits [ Audio: Composing / Producing / Mixing / Mastering ]

Advanced Sessions Recording Group Final Project

Music Producing and Arrangement Class:

Week 4 Assignment: Create a 2:30 Cover Song

Week 3 Assignment: Create a 2:30 Cover in Different Genre

Week 2 Assignment: Create a 2:30 Remix

New Metal [ Songwriting / Vocal Recording & Editing ]

Pop/Funk [ Songwriting / Producing ]

In short, Blake is one of the most inventive and well-spoken people I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. Placing stock in him, his talents, and his potential would be a leap in the right direction for any corporation, small business, or venture. I cannot endorse him enough.

Daniel J. Souza

Senior Copywriter & Asst. Manager of Social Media | Steve Spangler Science