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Heading Out to Florida’s Full Sail University…

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It’s official… I’ll be moving to my old home of Winter Park, Florida.  There, I’ll be completing my Bachelors degree in Recording Arts at Full Sail University.  The hope and dream is to become a successful producer in the music industry.

It was a hard decision to leave my current career in graphic design, but the drive and reasoning lies within the future of my family. My wife has been struggling with her M.S. more now than she ever has.  I want, more than anything, to have a career that will allow my wife the freedom to not have to work if she doesn’t want to. As well as, have a career that involves my strongest passion for music.  Ultimately, I’m striving towards a future that will best fit my family.

Up until now, graphic design has been my career and music has been my hobby. I plan to switch those around. So, don’t worry, I’ll still be taking on some graphic design projects… I’ll just be a lot more selective on which projects I pick up. I do intend to continue to grow my talents in graphics and even expand into photography.

As for music, while I’m at school, I’ll be starting up a new music project called “Digital Beat Arcade”. This project will be a combination of pop style lyrics with the electronic drive of the upcoming Dub Step genere.  I also intend on maintaining the momentum of “The Bottom Line”. In fact, we have some new songs that are almost ready to be released. I will also be diving into the world of video production for these music projects. It’s all very exciting, and I hope you keep checking back to see what’s going on with these projects.

In conclusion, I’ll be out in Florida for 20 months. My main focus will be to excel in my classes and climb to the top of my class.  My wife’s health and her need for me to provide for her in the future will fuel my drive while I’m out there.  At heart I’m a family man, and I have a soul for music. I look forward to a future with my family, and a career in music.

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  1. Hi,

    I find this very interesting. I actually like the fact that you put your family as you best inspiration. I really hope to see you around on campus, it will be great to meet new people especially individuals like yourself. I’m currently at Full Sail too, I’m currently in the Music Business program and I love it. I’m love with this school and is good to have people with the same dream around you. Usually when you are in public and you go deep inside the details of music people are going to give you the “look”, but here we all feel like family. Anyways, thats some great news and wish you and your wife the best of lucks. A goal without a plan is just a dream…You have the right tools now don’t look back.

    Sam Baez

    December 19, 2011

    • Thanks, Sam! I hope we run into each other on campus…

      Blake James

      December 19, 2011

  2. hi, im Blanca Torres and i cant wait to go to fullsail i feel like im going to to have a great time and i actually did find this rather very! interesting hope to see you gise soon:)


    February 10, 2012

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