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By on Jun 28, 2013 in Full Sail University, Music | 0 comments

Well… I just finished my last day of Music Producing & Arrangement class. That means only 2 months left, and I still have managed to keep my 4.0.

But, let me just say that this month has been one of my favorite classes at Full Sail. My instructor, Rick Navarro, is an incredible guy. He made music theory seem so easy, and he also managed to make a personal connection with just about every student in my class.  This month was extra amazing, because people came out of the woodwork and shared some projects that blew me away! It was really motivating to try and stay competitive. What a great month!

Here are the song projects that I turned in this month, for Music Producing & Arrangement class. Each was about 3 to 4 days of work at home to accomplish. Although, I spent some very late nights working on them in that time period.


Week 4 Assignment: Create a 2:30 cover song

Week 3 Assignment: Create a 2:30 Remix (or make another genre)

Week 2 Assignment: Create a 2:30 Remix

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