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In the Studio with Bruce Swedien

By on Sep 13, 2013 in Music | 0 comments

Fun_With_Bruce_Swedien_DSC_0003_px1500Ever heard of the album “Thriller”? Or, how about the artist known as Michael Jackson?  Of course you have!  Thriller is the number one selling album on the planet, and I had the honor of spending a day in the studio with the man who mixed and recorded Thriller… and every other Michael Jackson album, plus many more incredible artists.

Bruce Swedien is truly a legend in the industry, with 13 nominations and 5 Grammys. He is also an incredibly down to earth guy willing to help out and teach younger engineers like myself.  To quote Bruce, “Music is First”, and he lives by that philosophy day-to-day.

I met Bruce at an invite only Full Sail University “Green Room” event.  After some great conversation, he invited me to his personal studio for some tips, tricks, and a tour through history.

The entire day was amazing, but the most incredible experience of the day was sitting in Bruce’s Chair, in the sweet spot at his Harrison console, listening to “Thriller” the way he intended it to sound.  He shared many incredible recording and mixing techniques, and shared examples of award winning songs that used those techniques.  If you are interested in his secrets, he has a book coming out soon, possibly being released at the 2013 New York AES Convention.

Take a look at the photo gallery below and check out some of the highlights from my day in the studio with Bruce Swedien.

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