Audio Engineer, Producer & Songwriter…

About Blake James

Hello, I’m Blake James.  I have created this website to share all of my creative endeavors with you.  If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m extremely active with music and graphic design. I occasionally dabble in photography, videography, and other aspects of art in general. I find that the more I stay involved with all aspects of art, the more I excel at my core artistic abilities.


Music has become my main focus in life.  I have recently jumped in feet first with furthering my music education.  I will be calling Full Sail University my new home for a good 20 months starting Jan. 5th, 2011.

I have been involved with music since I was a kid. I’ve played the violin, trombone, trumpet, percussion, drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano… and dabbled in many other instruments.  I started writing songs when I was 15, and wrote/recorded/produced my first song recording at 16. I’d say my music career started then, as I pursued my acoustic/rock solo project, “Blake James”.  Since then, I have been in many bands, recorded many songs, and performed many shows. And yet, I’ve still not had enough.

Recently,I have been active in producing music for my band, “The Bottom Line“, a dance/rock/pop experience.  You might also see me resurrect my old acoustic solo project. And, you will definitely hear of my new electronic/pop band, “Digital Beat Arcade”, which I am particularly excited to reveal to the world.

I am very excited to graduate from Full Sail with a degree I will actually be able to use toward chasing my dream of producing music.  I love writing, performing, producing, and of course listening to music. It has been my longest living passion, and still is my strongest.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is definitely fun! I have enjoyed it as a career for the past 5 years, and it still holds a spot in my heart for the future. I plan to take on the ocasional project, when I feel it will be challenging or simply fun to work on. I deeply enjoy working with Photoshop specifically. Manipulating photos and creating digital art fills my spare time.

I started my graphics career working for Steve Spangler Science, a hands-on science toy company.  I have nothing buy amazing things to say about my time spent with them (over 4 years collectively).  I went on to start my own graphic and web design company, Blake James Design… which I intend to keep alive. I will just be a little more selective on which projects I would like to work on.

To further push, how important music is in my life… I started graphic design because of music. I was 16 and trying to “make it” in music, and I really needed promotional graphics and a website. So, thanks to “how-to” questions on yahoo and google, I taught myself HTML and picked up basic skills in Photoshop. Now, I would consider myself an accomplished graphic designer. I’m not all self taught though, I have many people to thank along the way, as well as the Photoshop World training seminars (which are conveniently located in Las Vegas… best education vacation ever!).

Graphic design is now a hobby, which I am still very passionate about. Keep check back to see new artwork, photos and projects that I have been working on.


So, that’s me in a nut shell. I guess we could add a few more things like: I’m also a tattoo artist (I’ve done hundreds of tatts); I’ve done photography for a Guinness World record event; I have uniquely tailored some of the world’s worst jokes; I’m an Eagle Scout; I love to play sports but not to watch them; I’m a Mac geek; I’ve been on staff at a church as a worship leader; I’ve personally driven through over 30 states; I’m a gun owner; and at one time I even owned a speed boat.

Hopefully that was enough information you, whether completely random or not. If you have any other questions, use my contact form.


~ Blake