Audio Engineer, Producer & Songwriter…

Hey Jason,

Here are just s few songs of mine… and some of them have been cut short so you don’t have to listen to all the songs all the way through.  All of them are “private” streaming so they are only playable from this page.

I’m not as great of a singer as you are, but I believe I’m good enough to pitch my songs.

When You Close Your Eyes – New Metal

Probably my best mixed and fully produced song that I have right now.  I wrote this song, hoping to sell it. My sister is the  low hardcore screamer, she sounds like a 300 lb dude it’s crazy!


Arms of Love Acoustic – Praise & Worship

I cut out the 1st Verse & Chorus for you, because it’s a long one. Sorry, for out of tune vocals… this is just a concept track, but it’s probably my best praise & worship hook I have.


B. A. Girl  - POP

This song is what made me decide to go to Full Sail and give this all a shot.  I wrote it and recorded it in my car on lunch break at work… my vocals are through an iPhone Headphones Mic. Ha.. I got made fun of so much for recording in my car.


Power of Love – for Bootsy Collins

Bootsy asked to write the bridge, so no bridge on this pitch.  It really needs better singers to capture the emotion, but I think it has potential.


Feel It – for Bootsy Collins

I just gave you the end of the song on this one, Bootsy asked to write the verse so I just focused on the hook. Here’s a link to a letter of Recommendation from Bootsy’s wife (his manager).


Money Love – Electronic

I cut this one down just enough so you can see my arrangement skills… for example: the symphony was composed one instrument at a time, not a preset or anything.


Boys Will Be Boys – Rap Rock / Pop Rock

I gave you the full one of this, I think it’s a kick-in-the-pants man. I wrote it for a Rap Rock / Pop Rock group. It’s kinda weird, but I love the Hook and Key change on it.


Better Days – Rock

I included this one just to show you how I can work under pressure. This was a project for songwriting class at school: I had 4 days to write, produce, record, and edit the track… and meet certain theory requirements.


Hello Say Goodbye – Soft Rock

This is just the beginning of the tack, and was just included to show variety. It’s super laid back chill rock.


The Game – Rock

This is just the End of the track. It’s another school project. Assignment: The class was provided the same lyrics and we had 3 days to write and produce a song using them. It was cool to hear all the different songs in class with the same lyrics.


These songs are intended to be a demo for private use, and are not to be distributed to the public. 
Copyright 2014 Blake James