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I’m currently starting a few exciting projects. Make sure you keep checking back to see what is new.

New Metal [ Songwriting / Producing ]


Pop/Funk [ Songwriting / Producing ]


Electronic [ Songwriting / Producing ]


Hard Rock & Full Sail University Commercial [ Audio: Composing / Producing / Mixing ]


Soft/Rock [ Recording / Vocal Tuning & Editing / Mixing ]


Pop/Rock [ Songwriting / Producing / Mixing ]


Rock [ Songwriting / Producing / Mixing ]


Rock [ Mixing / Vocal Editing ]


Tribute to Bootsy Collins [ Songwriting / Producing ]


The Bottom Line [ Songwriting / Producing / Mixing ]

Read about The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line has been an extremely entertaining project to work on. Want to know a secret about the recordings? Most of the audio was written, recorded and edited while in my car, in a parking lot, during lunch break at work. Half the vocal tracks were recorded with Apple iPhone headphones. It’s amazing what you can do these days with a MacBook Pro and some software. Click below to read more about The Bottom Line, or to listen and download songs for free.

If there were a blended drink named The Bottom Line, it would probably mess you up. The Bottom Line (the band, not the mythical beverage) operates on the same premise, but through music. You’ll forget where you are, why you were here in the first place, and you’ll probably end up eating hashbrowns and a Denver omelette at an IHOP before it’s all over.

Blake James provides the band’s heart: production, concepts, and lead male vocals. An experienced lyricist and songwriter from past musical projects, Blake takes pleasure in writing hooks and composing beats that don’t require thought on the listener’s part.

Whitney Ohman is the soul of The Bottom Line, providing lead female vocals and soulful sound that few (if any) pop singers possess. Having an equally long relationship with music and vocals as Blake, Whitney brings passion and pure vocal talent that is unmatched.

If Blake is the heart, and Whitney the soul, DJ Souza is The Bottom Line’s adrenal gland, delivering raps and backup vocals. Having experience in writing rather than music, DJ makes up for his inexperience with raw energy.

Seriously, a blended drink may be the best analogy for The Bottom Line’s special concoction of pop: a splash of early 2000′s punk-pop, a shot of driving guitar riffs, a twist of hip-hop bridges, and chilled to perfection with soulful melodies, all over a healthy mix of electronic beats and catchy hooks. 


Praise & Worship [ Songwriting ]


Piano [ Mixing ]


Advanced Sessions Recording Group Final Project

My Credits: [ Songwriting / Producing / Vocal Editing ]

Here are some of my Student Projects from Full Sail University:

Each project was created in 3 to 4 days, as homework, for various classes at Full Sail. Time lengths may seem short on some, due to restrictions in the project requirements.

** The following tracks are intended for educational purposes only. **

[ Assignment: Using all original instrumentation and vocals, create a cover of one of your favorite songs. ]

[ Assignment: Create a Remix from the stems provided. ]

[ Assignment: Using all original instrumentation and vocals, create your own version of the provided song/melody. ]

[ Assignment: Write an original song incorporating specific music theory elements. ]

Family Force 5 Remix Contest 2011

Full Sail University Class Remix

Full Sail University Class Remix – “Puttin’ on the Ritz”

Full Sail University Class Remix – The Shaggs

My instructor at Full Sail University issued a challenge to remix the worst band he had ever heard in his life, thinking that it couldn’t be done. So, I gave it a shot and this is what I came up with. break